Application of 3 phase induction motor in daily life

Day to day life we can find the various application of 3 phase induction motor. Compare with a single-phase induction motor it has more advantages. That advantages help to used more applications of 3 phase induction motor than single-phase induction motor.

Applications of 3 phase induction motor depend on their types, so now we need to get some idea about its types.

3 phase induction motors can be divided into two types depending on their rotor construction.

  1. Squirrel cage induction motor.
  2. Slip ring induction motor.

Squirrel cage induction motor widely used in industry than a slip ring induction motor. Because the squirrel cage induction motor has a simple and rugged construction.

Application of 3 phase induction motor – squirrel cage induction type.

Squirrel cage induction motor has not a very good speed control method, so it used for constant speed applications. Also, it’s starting efficiency less compare with running efficiency.

  • 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor is used for centrifugal pump, milling machines, lathe machines, woodworking machines, and large blowers and fans.

Squirrel cage induction motor is divided into 5 types by National Electrical Manufacturers Association in the United States and IEC in Europe.

There are class A, class B, class C, Class D, Class E, and Class F.

  • Class A
    • Normal starting torque.
    • Normal starting current.
    • Low slip.
  • Class B
    • Normal starting torque.
    • Lower starting current.
    • Low slip.
  • Class C
    • High starting torque.
    • Low starting currents.
    • Low slip at the full load.
  • Class D
    • Very high starting torque.
    • Low starting current.
    • High slip at full load.
  • Class E
    • Very Low Starting Torque.
    • Normal Starting Current.
    • Low Slip.
  • Class F
    • Low Starting Torque.
    • Low Starting Current.
    • Normal Slip.

Compare with each class high starting torque motors can start with a high load but low starting motors can’t.

High motor load to low motor load

  1. Class D
  2. Class C
  3. Class A, Class B
  4. Class F
  5. Class E

Application of slip ring induction motors.

Slip ring induction motor has a high starting torque and good speed control method, so it can operate a high load with less speed.

  • So it is using for high load applications like elevators, food processing factory machines, tea processing factory machines, and printing machines.