Application of DC Motor

What you need to know about the application of dc motor

Day to day life we can find the various application of dc motor to make easy domestic and industrial tasks. DC motor is an electrical machine used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. From the name, Dc motors work with DC power supply so it is more protected than AC powered machine. Also, it has good speed regulation and low starting torque or constant speed depends on its type.

DC motor can be divided into various types depending on its construction. Also, the application of a dc motor depends on those types. So we need to discuss the application of dc motor under each type.

Now we study the main types of dc motors in detail before discuss its applications.

Basic types of DC motors,

  1. Separately excited dc motor
  2. Permanent magnet dc motor
  3. Shunt excited the dc motor
  4. Series exited dc motor
  5. Compound excited the dc motor

Separately excited dc motor applications

Separately excited dc motor field winding and armature winding has separate power supplies each other.

  • This motor commonly used for industrial electric actuators.
  • Also, other applications of dc motor are its use for steel rolling mills and paper machines.
  • Separately excited dc motors are used for diesel-electric propulsion of ships.

Permanent magnet dc motor applications

The permanent magnet dc motor is a dc motor. It hasn’t stator winding because of its permanent magnet act as stator winding.

  • These motors are commonly used for automobile starter motors.
  • Also, it’s used for toys, wipers, computer disc drivers, photocopy machines and hot blowers, etc.

Shunt excited dc motor applications

This motor field winding and armature winding are parallel connected. Also, shunt excited dc motor used as constant speed applications.

  • So it’s used for lifts, blowers, lathe machines, centrifugal pumps, fans, Weaving machines, and more.

Series exited dc motor applications

This motor armature winding and field winding both are connected in series. Also, this motor can operate a very high load with low-speed conditions. Series exited dc motor has high torque, so if it runs without load can damage the motor.

  • These motors are used for small electrical appliances like blenders, food processors, mixers, and more.
  • These motors are being used for crane because it can work with low speed and high load conditions.
  • Also, it is being used for air compressors, vacuum cleaners, trolley cars, sewing machines, etc.

Compound excited dc motor applications

A compound excited dc motor is a type of self-excited motor, also it has a series field winding and a parallel winding both connected to the armature winding series and parallel. This motor has used for high starting torque and constant speed applications.

Compound excited dc motor has used for rolling mills, conveyors, elevators, heavy-duty planners and elevators, etc.