Application of transformer

Industrial and Domestic Application of Transformer 

Before discussing the application of  transformer needs to understand the basic types of transformer.

There are several types of transformer used for different purposes, like in power distribution, power transmission, and utilization, etc.

The transformer can be classified according to the voltage level, winding arrangement, and type of power supply, etc.

Transformer types on the voltage level

  1. Step-up transformer
  2. Step down transformer
Step-up transformer applications

This type of transformer used to convert the primary voltage into high secondary voltage. Also it secondary winding turns greater than primary winding.

Applications of the step-up transformer.

  • Consumer electrical and electronic equipment

Some countries commercial power 110/120 v but some of the equipment need 220/240 v so it needs to convert by using a step-up transformer.

  • Microwave oven

The microwave oven has step-up transformer it primary voltage 110/240 v then it converts to 1800/2800 v.

  • Power transmission

Power generation and power transmission system used to a step-up transformer.

  • Old TV sets and screens
Step down transformer applications

This type of transformer used to convert the primary voltage into low secondary voltage. Also it secondary winding turns less than primary winding.

  • Power grid

The power transmission system power grid has different types of step-down transformers.

  • Battery charges and power supply

Step-down transformers used to all of the phone chargers, toy charges, laptop power supply, etc.

Autotransformer applications

Autotransformer is a kind of electrical transformer, its primary and secondary winding share the same common single winding. This winding is tapped at the required point to get the voltage required.

  • It used to reduce voltage starter for an induction motor.
  • Multipower supply adapter.
  • Starting gear for certain types of fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Booster at the end of the long transmission line to compensate for line losses.
Protection Transformers applications
  • This type of transformer used to protect equipment.

Transformer types based on usage

Power transformer
  • The power transformer is used to high power applications it’s usually above 33KV.
Distribution Transformer
  • These type transformers are used to power distribution purposes, industrially it’s used under 33KV applications and domestically 220/440 V applications.
Measurement Transformer
  • This type of transformer used to measure electrical parameters like voltage, current, and power, etc.
Protection Transformers
  • The protection transformer is used for electrical protection purposes.