Programming methods of industrial robots

We can use three different programming methods for robot task.

There are,

  1. Lead through programming
  2. Online programming
  3. Offline programming
Lead through programming

This programming method basically two types there are,

  • Power lead through
  • Manual lead through

Power lead through

It also called teach pendant methods, this method is an online programming method so it needs real structure to test the program. This method done by using a teach pendant device, it is a handheld device and it can operate wired or wireless. Mostly power lead through method uses to discontinue industrial uses. eg: spot welding.

Manual lead through

Manual lead through and power lead through both are online programming method but it does not use a teach pendant device. Most of the programs done by hand recording methods.

Power Lead ThroughManual Lead Through
Online progamming methodOnline programming method
Use for discontinuous processUse continuous process
Robot remotely controlledRecord motion manually and playback
Online programming methods

The online programming method need to real structure to test the program. The structure needs to connect PLC and then program it. That written by using computer software and then it uploads to the PLC unit.

Offline programming methods

Comparing with the online programming method no need a real structure for the offline programming method. In this method, we can simulate the program and then upload the real structure. This method easy to use compare with the online program method so it mostly used nowadays. The programming method is used in both small and world-class manufacturers.